Here comes that mental breakdown I’ve been subconsciously waiting for.
I was wondering when you were gonna pop up in the midst of my happy, beautiful life high.

This is a time when I was freshly 20 years old and I thought I was so fat.
I would take dramatic photos of myself for my photography classes in college and the concept would be shame and frustration.
And that makes me so sad and it probably took a lot of courage for me to even show these to my class but that was the point at the time. The point was to get out of my skin and try to love myself.
But when I look back at these, I’m in the same position now.
I’m constantly struggling with body image.
As are millions of other boys, girls, men, and women in this world.
But it’s an ill mindset.
And it seems to never end.
Some days I can look in the mirror and pretend to love my body.
Tell myself I’m beautiful and perfect.
But the struggle is to really feel that.
To stop comparing myself to everyone else.
What makes me more devastated now when I look at these is that I was perfect.
And I probably still am.
But I would give anything to look like that again, and when I did look like that all I would do was sit around and think about how “fat” I was, skip meals for days, and set absurd weight goals for myself.
So I’m glad I found this.
It makes me feel less afraid of myself.
It makes me want to attempt to take care of my body the right way.
And appreciate it for how it is.